You can download a membership application form here. Benefits of joining include a newsletter, advance notice of productions, discounted booking, special members' evenings, social events, etc. We also expect all members to get involved in the running of the theatre by helping with Bar, Front of House or in some other way. Please contact us if you would like any further information.

Membership fees for next year are as follows:
Adult - £30
Young Person - £15 (Under 25 at the start of the subscription year - 1st July)
Non-acting - £20 (Non-acting members have all the rights of other members, but cannot appear on stage in any production.)

The subscription year is from 1st July to 30th June. Any membership taken out after 1st May will run until 30th June the following year. There is a £5 late payment fee added to renewals taken out after 1st October.

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39Steps.png neville.jpg MoulinRouge.jpg hoba.jpg high_society.png dollshouse.jpg stepping-out.jpg damagesweb.jpg lsh.jpg carousel.jpg aspects.png cinderella.png railwaychildren.jpg smedley.png HollowCrown.jpg msndweb.jpg moc.jpg one-for-the-road.jpg wwam.jpg topgirls.jpg AnythingGoes.jpg ssm.jpg dumb.jpg acorn-antiques.jpg witches.jpg BlightyBound.png littlevoice.jpg blithe.jpg honk1.jpg seagull.jpg blank.png beanstalk.jpg oliver.jpg birthdayparty.jpg tgi.jpg stoaf.png ladiesnight.jpg calendar-girls.jpg bb.jpg RomeoJuliet.jpg ccc.jpg secretgarden.jpg afgm.jpg 2and8.jpg PeterPan.jpg lacage.jpg sketches.jpg mff.jpg femaleots.jpg cinderella.jpg beauty.jpg
blank.png dumb.jpg littlevoice.jpg stoaf.png smedley.png oliver.jpg acorn-antiques.jpg seagull.jpg calendar-girls.jpg honk1.jpg railwaychildren.jpg 2and8.jpg ladiesnight.jpg one-for-the-road.jpg afgm.jpg topgirls.jpg blithe.jpg witches.jpg carousel.jpg MoulinRouge.jpg cinderella.jpg aspects.png sketches.jpg hoba.jpg AnythingGoes.jpg bb.jpg msndweb.jpg stepping-out.jpg beanstalk.jpg moc.jpg tgi.jpg birthdayparty.jpg lacage.jpg RomeoJuliet.jpg wwam.jpg BlightyBound.png HollowCrown.jpg cinderella.png high_society.png 39Steps.png PeterPan.jpg neville.jpg ccc.jpg secretgarden.jpg beauty.jpg ssm.jpg dollshouse.jpg lsh.jpg mff.jpg femaleots.jpg damagesweb.jpg