The theatre is available for hire at reasonable rates for both shows and other events utilising the auditorium, stage, lounge and/or the dance studio. To request further information, please use the Contact Us page or leave a message on 01453 488040 - we will get back to you promptly.

Full technical details of the theatre's performance facilites are available in the documents in this pdf file.

Details on each area can be found by clicking the tabs below.

  1. Auditorium
  2. Lounge
  3. Studio

The auditorium is ideally suited to plays or shows of any description as well as to lectures or presentations. It seats a maximum of 150 in fully raked seating. The stage is roughly 9m deep by 7m wide.
There are removable floor panels which when lifted form an orchestra pit.
Four seats on the front right hand side are removable to accommodate two wheelchairs.
Fully equipped sound and lighting facilites are available.

lighting sound

 The large Green Room (one level below stage) doubles as a communal dressing room. Two other dressing rooms are available when required.

green room

The lounge and bar are normally included in a hiring package with the auditorium but the lounge may be hired seperately and has been used by choirs, dance classes and training classes.
Please note that we do not hire out for wedding receptions, parties, dances or similar events.


The studio, on the first floor, is roughly 12m by 6m and has a sprung wooden dance floor and a mirror wall with barre. It is available for regular dance classes, workshops, yoga, pilates, etc.
Disabled access is by means of a lift.


I wanted to write to let you know how much we appreciated the welcome, support and efforts during our short residence at the Playhouse. I really appreciated your efforts in dealing with the weather situation on Friday, and making it possible for us to go ahead with the performance. Thank you. And everyone in the team that supported us was warmly welcoming, helpful and utterly professional. It made our stay both easy and enjoyable. I love the Cotswold Playhouse, and everything it stands for, and that is down to the dedication of a small band of people who work to make it such a cosy and welcoming place for visiting companies and their audiences - on top of the range and quality of work that you produce yourselves.

On behalf of all of us, thank you all for a truly joyous experience.

Drop of a Hat Theatre Company